Sunday, May 3, 2009

What design website is search engine friendly

Today my friend ask me how to design the website as let the search engine friendly.
So seobooknews tell somebody include as follow:
1, URL of the static

Although the search engine of non-static pages can be crawled, but in order to avoid falling into the infinite loop, or as much as possible of it static, say hello to remove those parameters in the URL, such as symbols, but also remove the Session ID.

2, HTML code must be optimized to account for the lower tab format, content, the better the ratio, the smaller the better the entire document. If a website's main page in 15 seconds is not out of the show, visitors will quickly lose interest in the station.

3, the CSS, JavaScript, etc. on an external file. JavaScript and CSS files can be generated in the browser cache, the use of an external file can improve the speed of the page.

4, good site structure.

Generally have only one small site subdirectory, as follows: is the domain, post is a directory name, 104 is the file name.

On the search engine in terms of a single directory structure that is most ideal, that is, a flat structure (Flat).

5, to avoid the framework of the structure.

If the page has been the use of the framework, or for some reason have to use the framework of the structure, you must use code "Noframes" to optimize the label to label Noframe as an ordinary text home page. In the region that contains links to frame pages with keywords, as well as a description of the text, while the region outside the framework of the text also appeared Keywords. In this way, search engines can index into the framework of the correct information.

6, as far as possible without FLASH design.

FLASH technology in web design and online advertising in a very wide range of applications, many or even all of Home Design using FLASH. FLASH website but there is a very fatal problem, that is, a search engine does not recognize most of the information in FLASH. Google can only retrieve part of the embedded Flash file link.

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  1. I think the No.2 is very you think it right?