Sunday, May 3, 2009

Search engine algorithm - Google's algorithm change

Including - structure optimization, keyword research, text optimization, a processing web pages, external links site optimization, site of the candidates to raise, control and improve. Only a few processes have been very good to implement, search engine optimization can be a true success.

Among them, the keyword research is a search engine optimization practice, the top priority, which is involved in many search engine optimization most random, but also because it can only lead to search engine optimization competition site deformity. In addition, immature performance of search engine optimization methods, there is no text on the site to optimize. This would have on the site users, on the search engine the most fundamental way to provide information, but no great importance by many site builders.

Search engine optimization is a very time-consuming, very carefully, a great need for the market together with the marketing and operation of the process. This is because in principle, each page of each site will require appropriate action. In the specific implementation, it is possible to focus on web pages that may be sufficient. However, from the beginning of site design is necessary to deal with for each page to lay a good foundation to provide the necessary conditions. In this part of the book with emphasis on how to optimize the composition of each element of each page. Except that this part is also affected by external site links and links to the impact of search engine optimization, how to fight the battle of the link. Easily give rise to a search engine to avoid punishment for illegal search engine optimization operation, outside the page and "black hat" approach site search engine optimization can not be completed, the journey did not take the express train did not finish. Therefore, to achieve the desired optimization goal, the site is to raise and monitor the project and ultimately, towards the end. Site rank monitoring, traffic analysis methods and tools is a must, as well as the contents of the supplement and update the search engine optimization help.

Not only affect the site's ranking in Google search results in order, as well as wave and the price advertisers. The decline in ranking means that the reduction in economic income, which in terms of small operators is even more important.

Google search engine by virtue of its monopoly status and AdWords / Google AdSense network, is the tens of thousands of sites to enhance hit rate and the main source of profit. Many site visitors have to rely on more than half of Google's recommendation, if there is no ad sales team to support, many also will become a subsidiary of Google AdSense to automatically connect tens of thousands of advertisers worldwide.

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