Monday, May 4, 2009

Google map tell you link

In case you aren't up on Star Wars mythos, The Emperor was the main baddie from the original trilogy. A ruthless dictator that ruled through fear, death and manipulation. So, why am I quoting him today? We're going to be talking about Google of course.

Ok, so maybe Google hasn't killed anyone (that we know of), and I don't think I've ever been scared of anything Google related (besides Lively...oh the horror!). There's no denying that they're an empire though. Just ask those who are part of the rebellion. Where's our Han Solo?

The first member of the rebellion is a relatively unknown search engine, Cuil. I'm leaving out Yahoo and Microsoft because they're really empires in their own right. Anyway, Cuil is a search engine that if you've taken the time to look has brought some interesting ideas to the table.

To test drive Cuil, I used an easy to grasp keyword: Nintendo. The results dare I say were more useful, and insightful than Google. The biggest downside to Cuil is they bring back less immediate links than Google. However, they provide much more options besides 'Sponsored links' and shopping results. The coolest Cuil (couldn't resist) feature is the timeline. They provide interesting search results based on the timeline of Nintendo. Did you know that the company once tried their hand at being a Cab Service, and a Love Hotel in the 60's? Wouldn't have learned that using Google.

Like I did before, I'm going to make this a two part series. Mostly, because there's a new kid on the search block I wanted to mention. I know we all rely on Google for the bulk of our SEO results. In terms of making money, they're the path to it. However, once in awhile give one of the little guys a chance. You'll never know what you might turn up. -----seobooknews

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  1. oh,Like I did before, I'm going to make this a two part series. Mostly