Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Use SEO Keyword Strategies

Use SEO Keyword Strategies

In previous lessons I've taught you how to create your own high paying Adsense keyword lists. I've taught you how to find profitable markets, and finally, I've taught you how to spy on your Adwords competition to ensure that you're letting your competition test your keywords for you... allowing you to take their high converting keywords and using them for your own Adwords campaigns.

In today's lesson I want to cover just how important it is to structure your Google Adwords campaigns correctly the FIRST time. If you do things correctly from the beginning, it'll make your job just that much easier as time goes by.

Then, at the end of the lesson I'll show you how I use Keyword Elite to help me structure my Adwords campaigns with a few mouse clicks :-)

So, let's start off by showing what the typical Adwords advertiser will do. They'll create a campaign and ad that looks like this:

What's wrong with this? Well, there are several things that are MAJORLY wrong with this campaign. Let's list them below:

They've placed ALL of their keywords into 1 single Ad group. You should place only "similar phrases" into their own separate Ad groups.
The headline of their ad is horrible: a team financial
Really... I'm assuming A Team Financial is the name of their company? I really don't know... They SHOULD have included the main keyword in the title of their ad.
Their ad description talks about what "their" passion is. People don't care about what the company's passion is. The ad should talk about the customer. What's in it for me?
Their ad takes visitors directly to their homepage, for all of their keywords. Each keyword "group" should take visitors to an individual web page designed specifically around that keyword phrase.

So, that's the basics of splitting your keywords up into targeted groups, so you can write specific ads based on the EXACT keyword phrases that people are searching for. Make sense?

Good... That should all be pretty straightforward and easy to do. The only problem you'll run into is, let's say you created a keyword list of, say, 400 keywords.

Splitting those keywords into their own seperate ad groups could be a pain and would take forever to manually do... This is where Keyword Elite comes in handy.

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