Thursday, August 6, 2009

Google only engine not listing

I have optmised a website for the major search engines using best practise techniques. whilst the site is relativly new (9 months) and i am yet to establish any good backlinks, i cannot understand why this is not listed in google, when it has top 5 listings in all the other major search engines (number 1 in a lot of cases). when i do a site search within google ( the majority of the otimised pages appear, such as this page is optimised to the phrase "buy rizues online", however when i do an exact search for content on this page on google, it doesn't appear. i am baffled. there is no duplicate content out there and i have already posted a google sitemap. any ideas wouyld be much appreciated.

Google and yahoo have an opposite algorithm so if you rank in google there is a big chance that you will not in yahoo vise versa. But some sites are licky to be rank in both yahoo and google and i hope i will be one of them.
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Google and other search engine algorithms are different. Google needs backilnks from related site to list you in top.
So use a SERP to identify your SERP. Then start building back links with target "ANCHOR" text.

To get Google SERP one major aspect is Contents(Unique contents)
Then you should have quality backlinks. Google and Yahoo algo are different. We cant expect Google to give us a higher rank since we have higher rank in Yahoo.

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