Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Google to adjust the effect of nofollow attribute

Has been doing search engine optimization of the students will be regarded as a reliable nofollow one of the factors. Reptiles because he can guarantee the correct identification and to prevent the emergence of a large number of spam and links to many export restrictions, but the General Assembly in the recent SMX above, Mattcutts said the effect of nofollow has been reduced.

The effect of reducing the causes of the possibility of a large number of abuse and too many SEO after nofollow a result, many pages have not been effective index, another important point is, Google believes that a large number of nofollow as a result of post, Pagerank transmission has not been effective. Of course, gossip and more: for example, that Google is crawling the depth and content of certain pages, Google in order to push Canonical strong attributes and so on.

In fact, it is difficult to imagine the role of Google to reduce the consequences of nofollow, an analysis of what is probably:

1, paid links and a large amount of spam may be effective, Nofollow previously, the other pages within the site obtained from the Pagerank value is not, strictly speaking is not to be taken into account, open up, though only Nofollow, but because Pagerank effective attenuation of transmission, although judging from the number of level or the level of quality to consider, or will be passing. This will cause more and more paid links spam. For example, the comments of so many bolg is not artificially increased the difficulty of Webmasters? Algorithm for Google itself, noise is not an increase? These are the core of the problem may be.

2, JavaScript will not be used to crawl, and now Google is crawling, but Nofollow a timely manner, it will not lead to some duplication of content. If open, then there is the phenomenon of the existence of duplicate content? Of course, up from the data model will, if a Web site ease of use, or sufficient to do the internal structure of the OK, it is the content of such distinction.

Although not very clear after adjusting the effect of Google is what kind of situation, but at least we can clearly know that the after-effects of liberalization. If this is the case then, it is possible to operate in the SEO of the page to reduce the scope, the requirements for the code page will be higher. But more to the robots.txt file, as well as the use of Canonical property.

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