Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rod Asia Public Relations Consultants

According to the American Consulting Group Asia, Rod Asia Public Relations Consultants (Ruder Finn Asia) survey of the Chinese people to buy luxury goods, LVMH (Louis Vuitton) and Cartier (Cartier) first choice.

According to "Lianhe Zaobao," quoted foreign reports, the survey found, despite suffering from the global economic downturn, but the purchasing power of Chinese consumers of luxury have not been affected. Involved in the investigation of the 1000 urban consumers, while Louis Vuitton is a popular brand of apparel goods, as Cartier watches and tiffany co jewellery are the best brand.

Responsible for conducting the survey of the Shanghai Business Consulting Co., Ltd. Albatross (Albatross Global Solutions), executive director Tsai Yi Si (Christophe Cais) yesterday at a press conference in Hong Kong, said: "The economic downturn was not seriously affected in mainland China, the market is still great potential for development. "

The Lord President of Public Relations in Asia Du Maike (Jean-Michel Dumont) claimed that: After Financial Crisis, the major luxury brands cheap handbags and further aware of the importance of Chinese market. China first-line cities are brand building, to consolidate the image of the strategic fortress, while the second-tier cities will be deeply rooted in the Chinese market, the key to success.

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